The Gentle Art of Noting and Noticing

You can become an observer of nature, discover some small moments each day, you can use these “ Nature Detective Skills”  to get to know your area, choose a special  “place” to be YOURS. 

Observe and watch each single day for a month, your place does not have to be huge it can be simple some tree roots, a planter, a small pond for example:

1) learn to be still in the ‘place’, be patient, wait and watch
2) check your ‘place’ each day, look for changes
3) learn to listen to small nature sounds in your ‘place’
4) look up at the sky and tops of trees, look under things, look behind and
around things……….secrets are lurking! look inside holes and spaces.
5) crawl on the ground if you need to !
6) what small things struggle through cracks in the pavement near your place
? nature is very resilient !
7) use homemade viewfinders to seek out new details
8) take daily photograph if it helps

9) Keep a journal.....record what you see.

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