The Goldilocks Planet

LP Teacher friends....

We are all busy teachers who live hectic full lives, in the urban jungle of a high rise city, working hard and rushing through life. Its hard to always be awake and aware of our world isn't it!

But, here at HKIS Lower Primary, we are striving to help our children towards  a sense of wonder, to help them be excited about the world and build on their sense of lets start with our own sense of wonder....we need to get in touch with a little magic of our own… shift from that busy  'survive mode’ to a THRIVE mode !

It is possible, and to get you remembering, we have story to tell you:

We live on an amazing planet, some call it the “Just Right ” planet, its just like Goldilocks’ porridge…….. Its just the right distance from the sun, so we are not too hot and not too cold, it has just the right balance of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, all in the “Just Right” balance, for the most part we have the right amount of water and it’s wrapped in a “Just Right” protective blanket called the on......

“Once upon a time Earth was formed, almost 5 billion years ago, a star exploded. The explosion formed a cloud in the form of gas and dust. This matter was gradually clumped together by the pull of gravity and eventually condensed into the sun and the planets. One planet was Earth, which began as a burning ball of rock, which very slowly condensed from nebula stardust. Almost everything that was on Earth then is still here now.
Every atom in the human body was created in the explosion of that ancient dying star. Every atom of every animal and every plant (and every rock, and on and on) was created in that explosion.

We are made of stardust that transformed into life
Every atom of your body was taken into you by eating and drinking and breathing atoms of Earth. so you see you are made of earth”

We are made of recycled materials!!!!
Isn’t it amazing this cosmic miracle of life, isn’t it exciting to think that we must be made of droplets of water, which have traveled around ocean currents, evaporated, precipitated and been part of other bodies in other lifetimes; today any one of us might contain part of an iceberg…or a dinosaur teardrop....

Here’s something to ponder….. lets think about the journey of this raindrop, it may have been some else’s teardrop at some point in its history, it may have been locked in a glacier for millions of years, it could have travelled the oceans, the skies and even through rocks, quenched thirsts and pulsed through veins………you may have even tasted it inside your cup of tea  !!!

Sometimes remembering we are part of a massive complex web of interlocking systems can help to give perspective on some of the mundane moments of the day.

We leave you with this gift :

and here is the link to our book that we read you at the meeting by Susan Jeffers, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

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