Green Dragons

The Green Dragons are an HKIS Schoolwide Group, headed up by Linda Anderson and participants include Interested Faculty from each division, HS students, and a parent Christine Bruckner.

The group has gathered information on what the concept of " Being Green"  looks like in each division and used that as the basis for formulating a Sustainability Policy statement which has reached board level. Each divisional has crafted its own statement on what a Green Approach looks like their level.

At Lower Primary your Green Dragon team includes:

Michael Dempsey . Mekala Harford ( R1) Claire McKinnes ( R2) Sarah Brockie  ( G1) Shelly Mcleod ( G2) and Katie Flowers ( Art) Denise and Nate ( Admin) 

Anyone can join and be part of the gathering, planning and sharing process.
Contact Katie Flowers to get involved.

Hong Kong International School
School wide POLICY

Environmental Sustainability Policy [DRAFT OCTOBER 29]

HKIS is committed to a sustainable world for current and future generations by:

  • Fostering compassion
  • Promoting awareness
  • Inspiring action and stewardship.  

Environmental stewardship will be modeled through our curriculum to foster direct connections with nature, and encourage student leadership and engagement.  It will directly impact the design and operation of our school environment and have a positive effect on our immediate surroundings and global outreach.  

HKIS is committed to implementing best practices in order to realize our commitment to the environment and our goals for sustainability. Sustainability planning, implementation and review are ongoing processes that require education and participation of the community. Administrative leadership directs and facilitates this commitment, working in collaboration with students, faculty, parents and community groups.

Our commitment as a community to environmental sustainability is consistent with the HKIS Mission, Core Values and Student Learning Results:

  • Dedicating our hearts to compassion and our lives to global understanding (Mission)
  • Together, parents, faculty, staff and students create the conditions for children's success and a healthy lifestyle (Core Values)
  • Being considerate of materials, facilities and resources. (Character Development)
  • Fostering care and respect in the community (Character Development)
  • Accepting responsibility for their own actions (Character Development)
  • Being aware of the impact of major global, social and environmental events (Contributing to Society)

Commitments and intentions


We will ensure that all students have access to developmentally appropriate curriculum units that
  • Foster an understanding of and connections to the natural world
  • Support action and environmental stewardship
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to contribute to sustainability in the present for future generations.

School environment
HKIS will implement best practices in order to realize our commitment to the environment and our goals for sustainability, with focus on the following areas:

  • Energy use
  • Water waste
  • Food waste
  • Paper use
  • Contributions to landfills
  • Pollution

  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • School supplies
  • Purchase items made from recycled materials
  • Compost

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Building materials
  • Optimize environmental design
  • Increase green areas on campus
  • Support students' environmental initiatives

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